Definition of Deposit:

  1. Funds placed into an account at a depository institution to increase the credit balance of the account.

  2. Put or set down (something or someone) in a specific place, typically unceremoniously.

  3. Down payment given in advance to support the intention to complete a commercial transaction.

  4. The action of placing something in a specified place.

  5. A layer or body of accumulated matter.

  6. A sum payable as a first installment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later.

  7. A sum of money placed or kept in a bank account, usually to gain interest.

  8. Store or entrust with someone for safekeeping.

Synonyms of Deposit

Down payment, Part payment, Advance payment, Prepayment, Instalment, Security, Retainer, Pledge, Stake, Accumulation, Sediment, Sublimate, Put, Put down, Place, Lay, Lay down, Set, Set down, Unload, Rest, Settle, Sit, Accumulation, Acquitment, Acquittal, Acquittance, Allocation, Alluvion, Alluvium, Amortization, Amortizement, Ash, Assignment, Bank, Binder, Bond, Bosom, Bottle up, Bottomry, Bundle away, Bury, Cache, Cash, Cash payment, Caution, Caution money, Chimney, Chute, Cinder, Clearance, Clinker, Coffer, Collateral, Collateral security, Collocation, Consign, Country rock, Debris, Debt service, Defrayal, Defrayment, Deployment, Deposition, Deposits, Detritus, Dike, Diluvium, Disbursal, Discharge, Disposition, Doling out, Down payment, Draff, Dregs, Drift, Drop, Dross, Earnest, Earnest money, Ember, Embosom, Emplacement, Entrust, Feces, File, File and forget, Forfeit, Froth, Gangue, Go bail, Grounds, Handsel, Hide away, Hire purchase, Hire purchase plan, Hock, Hutch, Hypothecate, Impignorate, Installment, Installment plan, Interest payment, Keep, Keep hidden, Keep secret, Lading, Lay, Lay away, Lay down, Lay in, Lay in store, Leave, Lees, Liquidation, Loading, Localization, Locating, Location, Lock up, Lode, Lodestuff, Lodge, Loess, Margin, Matrix, Mineral deposit, Monthly payments, Moraine, Mortgage, Never-never, Offscum, Ore bed, Pack away, Packing, Pawn, Pay dirt, Paying, Paying off, Paying out, Paying up, Payment, Payment in kind, Payoff, Pinpointing, Place, Placement, Placing, Plant, Pledge, Plunk down, Positioning, Post, Posting, Precipitate, Precipitation, Prepayment, Put, Put away, Put down, Put in hock, Put in pawn, Put up, Putting, Quarterly payments, Quittance, Regular payments, Remittance, Repose, Reposit, Reposition, Reservoir, Rest, Retirement, Salt away, Salt down, Satisfaction, Save, Scoria, Scree, Scum, Seal up, Secrete, Sediment, Sedimentate, Sedimentation, Set aside, Set down, Settlement, Settlings, Shoot, Silt, Sinking-fund payment, Sinter, Situation, Slag, Smut, Soot, Spawn, Spot cash, Spotting, Spout, Stake, Stash, Stationing, Stock, Storage, Store, Store away, Stow, Stow away, Stow down, Stowage, Sublimate, Vein, Warehouse, Weekly payments

How to use Deposit in a sentence?

  1. Weve saved enough for a deposit on a house.
  2. A vault in which guests may deposit valuable property.
  3. The deposit of a thesis in a library gives no guarantee of copyright protection.
  4. Cash funds which are an alternative to bank or building society deposits.
  5. You can make a deposit when you borrow something so that the other person knows you will return it to them.
  6. He deposited a pile of schoolbooks on the kitchen table.
  7. I needed to make a bank deposit before leaving the country, so I would have as much money as humanly possible.
  8. The deposits of salt on the chrome.
  9. Funds should be available immediately in my checking account, since the deposit I made contained no checks or money orders.

Meaning of Deposit & Deposit Definition