Deposit Facility

Deposit Facility,

Deposit Facility Meanings:

  • In the euro system, the vision deposit system in the national central bank. Deposits are refunded at a default interest rate. With the new interest rates announced by the ECB, banks pay the ECB 10 basis points to maintain their money.

Literal Meanings of Deposit Facility


Meanings of Deposit:
  1. Usually informally (something or someone) dropped in a certain place.

  2. Save it or give it to someone who will keep it.

  3. Usually the amount of money deposited or kept in a bank account for interest.

  4. The amount paid on the purchase of an item or the first installment as a guarantee of an agreement, the rest will be paid later.

  5. Layers or bodies of accumulated matter.

  6. Putting something in a special place.

Sentences of Deposit
  1. Place a stack of books on the kitchen table

  2. A safe place where guests can keep valuables

  3. Money that is a substitute for a bank deposit or mortgage loan.

  4. We save a lot to pay for the house

  5. Chromium salt deposits

  6. Submitting an article in a library does not guarantee copyright protection.

Synonyms of Deposit

unload, security, lay, place, advance payment, prepayment, retainer, accumulation, lay down, sediment, rest, part payment, set, down payment, put, set down, instalment, stake, sit, put down


Meanings of Facility:
  1. A location, facility, or device provided for a specific purpose.

  2. The ability to do or learn something well and easily is a natural skill.

Sentences of Facility
  1. Kitchen utensils

  2. Speaks fluent language

Synonyms of Facility

gift, means, flair, genius, bent, knack, space, skill, potential, equipment, finesse, aptitude, solution, prerequisite, provision, talent