Deposit At Custodian (DWAC)

Deposit At Custodian (DWAC),

Deposit At Custodian (DWAC):

  • Concentration Deposit / Return (DWAC) is a form of electronic transfer of a new share or certificate of paper distribution to a Depository Trust Company (DTC) using a Fast Automated Securities Service Transfer Agent (FAST) as a distribution point. There is a way. DWAC is one of two types of transmission between broker / dealer and DTC, the other is direct record system (DRS) method. Both allow investors to keep securities on the transfer agent's books in a registered form rather than in a physical form. DRSD differs from WAC in that DRS shares are issued and stored electronically in the transfer agent's books.

    • DWAC is a method of transferring a certificate between a broker / dealer and a Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) using Fast.
    • It has the advantage of speeding up processing and minimizing damage or damage to inventory (as in electronic format).

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