Definition of Deployment:

  1. The action of bringing resources into effective action.

  2. The movement of troops or equipment to a place or position for military action.

  3. Methodical procedure of introducing an activity, process, program, or system to all applicable areas of an organization.

Synonyms of Deployment

Aberration, Addition, Adjunct, Aggrandizement, Allocation, Allotment, Ampliation, Amplification, Apportionment, Arrangement, Array, Arraying, Assignment, Augmentation, Battle array, Broadening, Centrifugence, Close formation, Collation, Collocation, Concord, Constitution, Crescendo, Decentralization, Deposit, Deposition, Deviation, Dispersion, Disposal, Disposition, Distribution, Divarication, Divergence, Divergency, Division, Echelon, Emplacement, Enlargement, Expansion, Extension, Fanning, Fanning out, Flare, Form, Formation, Formulation, Harmony, Hiking, Increase, Lading, Layout, Lineup, Loading, Localization, Locating, Location, Magnification, Marshaling, Open order, Order, Order of battle, Ordering, Organization, Packing, Peace, Pinpointing, Placement, Placing, Positioning, Posting, Proportion, Putting, Quiet, Quietude, Raising, Regimentation, Regularity, Reposition, Routine, Separation, Setup, Situation, Splay, Splaying, Spotting, Spread, Spreading, Spreading out, Stationing, Storage, Stowage, Structure, Structuring, Symmetry, Syntax, System, Tranquillity, Uniformity, Upping, Widening

How to use Deployment in a sentence?

  1. While Lou waited for notice of her upcoming deployment she felt like she was holding her breath from fear it would include a dangerous assignment.
  2. The authorities announced deployment of extra security forces in towns and cities to prevent violence.
  3. The rapid deployment of high-speed cable Internet services to consumers.
  4. After rigorous testing of the new accounting software, we have determined that it is now ready for deployment to all computers on the network.
  5. A manager must know his staff well so that when it comes time for deployment on a new project people are in the right place.

Meaning of Deployment & Deployment Definition