Definition of Depletion:

  1. Reduction in the number or quantity of something.

  2. A deduction to account for reduced land value due to removing minerals.

Synonyms of Depletion

Ablation, Absorption, Assimilation, Attrition, Burning up, Cleaning out, Clearance, Clearing, Consumption, Corrosion, Curtailment, Cut, Cutting, Decrease, Decrement, Defecation, Deliquescence, Depreciation, Derogation, Detraction, Digestion, Diminution, Dip, Discharging cargo, Disparagement, Dissipation, Dissolution, Drain, Drainage, Draining, Eating up, Egress, Elimination, Emptying, Erosion, Evacuation, Evaporation, Excretion, Exhausting, Exhaustion, Expending, Expenditure, Extraction, Finishing, Impairment, Impoverishment, Ingestion, Leakage, Lessening, Loss, Off-loading, Reduction, Remission, Removal, Retraction, Retrenchment, Shortening, Shrinkage, Spending, Squandering, Truncation, Unloading, Using, Using up, Venting, Voidance, Voiding, Wastage, Waste, Wastefulness, Wasting away, Wear and tear, Wearing, Wearing away, Wearing down, Exhaustion, Using up, Use, Consumption, Expending, Expenditure

How to use Depletion in a sentence?

  1. The depletion of the ozone layer.

Meaning of Depletion & Depletion Definition