Definition of Deplane:

  1. To unboard an aircraft. Opposite of enplane.

  2. Disembark from an aircraft.

Synonyms of Deplane

Alight, Come to land, Debark, Debus, Detrain, Disembark, Disemplane, Dock, Drop anchor, Go ashore, Land, Make a landfall, Make land, Make port, Moor, Put in, Put into port, Reach land, Tie up, Unboat, Alight, Alight from, Step off, Climb off, Dismount, Dismount from, Get down, Get down from, Descend, Descend from, Disembark, Disembark from, Leave, Exit

How to use Deplane in a sentence?

  1. We landed and deplaned.

Meaning of Deplane & Deplane Definition