Deontological ethics

Deontological ethics,

Definition of Deontological ethics:

  1. A system of ethics that judges actions based on whether they adhere to a rule or a set of rules. Deontological ethics is different from teleological ethics, which states that the rightness of an action is based on the goal that the action is meant to achieve.

How to use Deontological ethics in a sentence?

  1. Robert tried to abide by his fathers teachings, but often found himself questioning the rigid moral walls created by a belief in deontological ethics .
  2. You should always try to follow deontological ethics so that you are doing things in an above board way at all times.
  3. The oft-used saying, that the end justifies the means, is intrinsic to an understanding of teleological ethics, whereas deontological ethics underscores the value of the rules one navigates to arrive at the aforementioned end.

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