Dental Indemnity Plan

Dental Indemnity Plan,

Dental Indemnity Plan: What is the Meaning of Dental Indemnity Plan?

  1. Dental Indemnity Plan can be defined as, Dental insurance that compensates for the cost of insured dental care by the insurer after deducting the insurance premium or co-payment or, in some cases, health care after the transfer of benefits from the program insurance Pays directly to the care provider. Through the dental aid program, the insured can choose their dentist regardless of whether the doctor is enrolled or not. Dental compensation plans usually cost more than a dental organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO).

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Meanings of Dental:
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  3. Dentistry

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Meanings of Indemnity:
  1. Protection or protection from damages or other financial compensation.

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  1. Lost money will not be compensated

Synonyms of Indemnity

warranty, surety, safeguard, endorsement, insurance, protection, security, indemnification, guarantee


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