Definition of Denier:

  1. Weight per unit length (linear density) measure of a continuous filament or yarn, used traditionally in textile industry. It expresses weight in grams of nine kilometers (9000 meters) length of the material. Therefore lower the danier number, finer the material; and higher the danier number, coarser the material. In most countries other than the US, it has been replaced by the Tex system where one denier equals 1/9th of a tex or 10/9th of decitex.

  2. A person who denies something.

How to use Denier in a sentence?

  1. My father worked in the textile industry and would teach we a lot about it, including things like what a denier was.
  2. If you can get a good price on the denier that you need that can help to increase the profits you make off the eventual product.
  3. A prominent denier of global warming.
  4. The denier indicated we needed a larger warehouse to store the goods of that particular size which was needed to satisfy demand.

Meaning of Denier & Denier Definition