Definition of Denationalization:

  1. Reconversion of nationalized firms or industry to private ownership.

  2. Denationalization, which is a form of privatization, occurs when a national government sells an asset or operation such as a large government-owned firm to private investors.

  3. Denationalization is the process of transferring an asset from public ownership – specifically ownership by a national government – to private ownership and operation. The term is broadly synonymous with privatization, although "privatization" could also apply to ownership by a local, state or provincial government, in which case "denationalization" would not be a strictly accurate description.

How to use Denationalization in a sentence?

  1. Denationalization describes the process by which a piece of property, project, or business goes from being owned by a national government to being privately owned.
  2. This form of privatization is motivated by efforts to save governments money and increase efficiency, where private companies are thought to be able to move goods and capital quicker and more efficiently.
  3. State-owned enterprises that have been denationalized include banks, postal services, utilities, communications, and transportation enterprises.

Meaning of Denationalization & Denationalization Definition