Definition of Demoralize:

  1. Cause (someone) to lose confidence or hope; dispirit.

  2. The act of reducing anothers confidence and hope, or discouraging and disheartening someones optimism, causing them to lose faith in the future.

    The term demoralize is often used in military, sports, and business settings where there are competitors. In the military, an army unit or entire military outfit can become demoralized if the enemys superiority overpowers them.  In 1990, the United States and its allies overpowered the Iraqi military in Operation Desert Storm, achieving their objective of liberating Kuwait in just five weeks, demoralizing the enemy. In sports, competitors demoralize one another by using psychological tactics to make the other believe they cannot win. When a team scores several points in a short amount of time, it can often demoralize their opponent.

    In business, the term often refers to the demoralization of employees by bosses, coworkers, or customers. In any business relationship, there is a competition to achieve ones goals. Coworkers compete against one another for promotions and raises. Bosses and employees compete against one another to meet objectives with limited resources. Customers hope to get products for the least amount of money.

    The relationship between boss and employee can often be demoralizing, especially if there are conflicting objectives. An employee would like challenging, exciting projects that would enhance his or her career. A bosss objective is to assign projects to those that would best perform them. Employees who do not get choice assignments might feel demoralized. In addition, if a boss feels threatened, perhaps believing an employee might not perform a job to expectations, the boss might micromanage or simply do the job himself, demoralizing the employee. Also, if a boss feels threatened by an employees abilities, the boss might actually become demoralized. The boss might use his or her authority to undermine the employee.


    Oftentimes, the companys top management can demoralize employees without knowing it. For example, a reorganization without consulting employees can be devastating to employees beliefs in the importance of their careers. In addition, paying lip service to employee morale, but never acting on it can demoralize employees. For example, if a company administers an employee survey, not only should they publish the results, they should also act on it.

  3. Corrupt the morals of (someone).

Synonyms of Demoralize

Dispirited, Disheartened, Downhearted, Dejected, Cast down, Downcast, Low, Depressed, Despairing, Agitate, Bastardize, Bewilder, Bludgeon, Bluster, Bluster out of, Browbeat, Brutalize, Bulldoze, Bully, Chill, Confuse, Corrupt, Cow, Cripple, Crush, Damp, Dampen, Dash, Daunt, Debase, Debauch, Debilitate, Defeat, Defile, Deject, Deprave, Depress, Devitalize, Disarrange, Discomfit, Disconcert, Discourage, Dishearten, Disorder, Disorganize, Disparage, Dispirit, Disturb, Dragoon, Enervate, Fluster, Harass, Hector, Huff, Intimidate, Jumble, Knock down, Muddle, Overcome, Perturb, Pervert, Prostrate, Psych out, Rattle, Shake, Shake up, Snarl, Soil, Subdue, Sully, Systematically terrorize, Terrorize, Threaten, Unbrace, Undermine, Undo, Unman, Unnerve, Unsettle, Unstring, Upset, Vitiate, Warp, Weaken, Corrupt, Deprave, Warp, Pervert, Subvert, Lead astray, Make degenerate, Ruin

How to use Demoralize in a sentence?

  1. Fred was demoralize d when he lost out on a promotion that went to one of his own employees.
  2. Their rejection of the treaty has demoralized the diplomatic community.
  3. Amy feels demoralize d because her performance review did not go well.
  4. The Broncos effectively demoralize d the Panthers in the Super Bowl.
  5. She hastened her daughters steps, lest she be demoralized by beholding the free manners of these “mad English”.

Meaning of Demoralize & Demoralize Definition