Definition of Demo:

  1. General: Truncation of demonstration.

  2. Record (a song or piece of music) to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer or as preparation for a full recording.

  3. Demonstrate the capabilities of (software or equipment).

  4. Computing: Preview or trial version of a software which is freely distributed, either without some of the critical functions (such as the ability to save or print data) or is programmed to work only for few (usually 30) days after the first run. Also called demoware.

  5. A demonstration of a product or technique.

  6. A public meeting or march protesting against something or expressing views on a political issue.

Synonyms of Demo

Protest, Protest march, March, Parade, Rally, Lobby, Sit-in, Sit-down, Sleep-in, Stoppage, Strike, Walkout, Picket, Picket line, Blockade, Exhibition, Presentation, Display, Illustration, Exposition, Teach-in

Meaning of Demo & Demo Definition