Demanding State

Demanding State,

What is Demanding State?

  • The state is trying to repatriate the refugees.

Literal Meanings of Demanding State


Meanings of Demanding:
  1. For (tasks) that require a lot of skill or effort.

Sentences of Demanding
  1. He is busy and looking for a job

Synonyms of Demanding

difficult, hard, onerous, exacting, formidable, tough, burdensome, testing, stressful, challenging, taxing


Meanings of State:
  1. A special condition in which someone or something happens at a certain time.

  2. A nation or region is considered an organized political party under the government.

  3. The civilian government of a country.

  4. Pumping and events associated with the monarchy or higher government.

  5. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

  6. Provided by or influenced by the civilian government of a country.

  7. Used or performed in formal ceremonies where the ceremony involves the head of state.

  8. Express something clearly or unequivocally in words or in writing.

  9. Introduce them in a recipe or introduce them (theme or melody).

Sentences of State
  1. The financial condition of the company

  2. Germany, Italy and other European countries

  3. Government-provided services

  4. Buried in the state

  5. Long long plate, dry place, first state eight

  6. The future of public education

  7. Queen Elizabeth's official visit to Hungary

  8. More than 51% of voters reportedly did not turn out

  9. Starting with the bass, the melody is pronounced and provides an atmosphere that anyone can play on their own.

Synonyms of State

formal, official, government, land, parliament, nation, ceremonial, world power, empire, situation, polity, commonwealth, territory, governmental, reveal, nation state, republic, present, sovereign state, enunciate, pronounce, circumstances, communicate, the regime, the council, disclose