Demand Schedules

Demand Schedules,

Demand Schedules: What is the Meaning of Demand Schedules?

  1. The definition of Demand Schedules is: In economics, a demand plan is a table that shows the amount of good or service demanded at different prices. Plan demand can be expressed with constant demand curves, in which the Y axis represents the price and the X axis represents the quantity.

    • Analysts can predict the demand for an asset at any time in the demand calendar.
    • Demand plans, which are used in conjunction with supply plans, are visual representations of market supply and demand dynamics.

Literal Meanings of Demand Schedules


Meanings of Demand:
  1. Ask authoritatively or bluntly.

  2. A permanent and attractive call as it should be.

Sentences of Demand
  1. "Where is he?" He asked

  2. A series of demands for far-reaching reforms

Synonyms of Demand

urge to, enjoin to, call on to, command to, order to, request, tell to, call


Meanings of Schedules:
  1. Definition or schedule (an event) that will take place at a particular time.

  2. Make a list (building or site) for protection or legal protection

  3. Plan to perform an action or procedure with a schedule of scheduled events and times.

  4. Attached to a formal document or law, especially in the form of a list, table or inventory.

  5. Any reference (labeled "A", "B", etc.) (with reference to the UK income tax system)

Sentences of Schedules
  1. This single is due in April

  2. We have set up an engineering program

  3. Requires a clean installation schedule and accessories

Synonyms of Schedules

slot in, line up, make arrangements for, book, fix a time for, time, organize, timetable, scheme, arrange, programme, set up, plan