Demand Response (DR)

Demand Response (DR)

Demand response (DR) is generally defined as a measure of reducing energy demand in response to supply shortages, usually during periods of peak demand.

Literal Meanings of Demand Response (DR)


Meanings of Demand:
  1. The amount of a good or service that consumers are willing to buy at a given price.

  2. An active affirmation of something.

  3. Condition.

  4. Urgent order.

  5. (Electricity supply) Specifically, peak demand or peak load, a measure of the maximum electricity load of a utility consumer in a short time, the integrated load of electricity over a certain of time.

  6. Ask vigorously.

  7. Demand something.

  8. Forced requests for information.

  9. Someone's request.

  10. Submit a citation.

Sentences of Demand
  1. Prices usually rise when demand exceeds supply.

  2. Modern society is responding to women's demands for equality.

  3. Your work takes a long time.

  4. She couldn't ignore the newborn's need for care.

  5. I demand a meeting with the manager.

  6. The bank charges mortgage interest deduction.

  7. I demand an immediate explanation.

  8. This work requires a lot of patience.


Meanings of Response:
  1. The act of answering or reciprocity: in response to a question.

  2. Oracle response.

  3. (liturgical) A verse, phrase, phrase, or word spoken or sung by a choir or congregation in order or in response to a priest or minister.

  4. (liturgical) A verse or hymn spoken or sung during or after a lesson, response, or memory.

  5. Response to an objection in an official dispute.

  6. An online ad performance metric that shows a click from an online ad to the destination URL.

  7. Response to a stimulus or provocation.


Meanings of DR:
  1. A person or company that owes money to a person who is in debt to a person who is in debt.

  2. Means a person who owes another person or who is bound by an express agreement, implied law or the principle of natural justice to pay money or perform any other obligation in a bankruptcy or similar proceeding.

Demand Response (DR)