Demand For Labor

Demand For Labor,

Definition of Demand For Labor:

  1. Demand For Labor means, In the manufacture of goods and services, companies need labor and capital because of the input into the production process. Wage demand is an economic principle derived from the company's production demand. That is, if the company's demand for production increases, the company will need more workers and, therefore, hire more staff. And when the demand for goods and services by firms is rejected, as a result, fewer workers will be needed and the demand for their labor will decrease and fewer workers will be retained.

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Meanings of Demand:
  1. Ask the authority or bluntly.

  2. A permanent and engaging movement that includes all rights.

Sentences of Demand
  1. "Where is he?" He asked

  2. A series of demands for far-reaching reforms

Synonyms of Demand

call on to, command to, request, call, enjoin to, order to, tell to, urge to


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Meanings of Labor:
  1. Work, especially heavy physical work.

  2. (In the UK or Canada) Labor Party.

  3. The process of birth, especially the period from the onset of uterine contractions to birth.

  4. Try to work hard

  5. Difficulty doing anything despite working hard.

  6. Giving birth (working woman)

Sentences of Labor
  1. The cost of repairs includes labor and spare parts

  2. Labor leader

  3. His wife is giving birth

  4. They work from morning till night

Synonyms of Labor

job, do one's utmost, do all one can, birth, grub away, try hard, assignment, task, grind away, commission, work, go all out, endeavour, keep one's nose to the grindstone, do one's best, struggle, give it one's all, work hard, give one's all, childbirth, give something one's all, mission, undertaking

Demand For Labor,

Demand For Labor:

  • In the sale of goods and services, companies need capital and social capital in the sales process. Demand RR is an economic principle derived from the firm's production demand. In other words, if a company's production demand increases, the company will demand more, so it will hire more employees. Furthermore, when the demand for a firm's products and services decreases, less IR will be required and its IR demand will decrease and remain low.

Literal Meanings of Demand For Labor


Meanings of Demand:
  1. Complete and immediate orders

  2. Ask authoritatively or rudely

Synonyms of Demand

interrogate, inquire, stipulation, urging, importunity, challenge, dictate, a big ask, hest, insistence, pressure, ultimatum, bid, clamour, question, behest


Meanings of For:
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Synonyms of For

sympathetic to, since


Meanings of Labor:
  1. Workers, especially workers, are seen collectively.

  2. Workers are seen as a social class or a political force.

  3. A government department dealing with the country's manpower.

  4. The process of birth, especially from the onset of uterine contractions to birth.

  5. Work in unskilled manual labor.

  6. on the ground)

  7. Move or move with difficulty.

  8. (Engine) operation is difficult and tiring.

Sentences of Labor
  1. Hand work

  2. Most migrant workers earn their living by manual labor in the city.

  3. Men spend the day looking for informal work, while women and children spend the day looking for shelter.

  4. These subjects are agricultural laborers with different periods of manual work in the field.

  5. Most of the lower-level workers were cleaning the streets or doing other manual work.

  6. According to him, many unpaid Russians avoid donations from friends and relatives, subsistence farming, self-employment, retail or petty crime.

  7. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people have been starving for manual labor.

  8. Next time, though, I'll keep my teenage cousin busy with manual labor and keep my hands off the sink.

Synonyms of Labor

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