Demand deposit

Demand deposit,

Definition of Demand deposit:

  1. A demand deposit account (DDA) consists of funds held in a bank account from which deposited funds can be withdrawn at any time, such as checking accounts. DDA accounts can pay interest on a deposit into the accounts but aren’t required. A DDA allows funds to be accessed anytime, while a term deposit account restricts access for a predetermined time. .

  2. DDA accounts provide the money consumers need to make a purchase. Funds can be accessed at any time. If depositors were required to notify their financial institutions before withdrawing funds, the depositors would have challenges making everyday purchases and paying bills. However, DDA can also mean direct debit authorization, which is a debit from an account for purchasing a good or service. .

  3. Bank account that allows money to be withdrawn from the available balance, by the account holder at his or her will and by any means, without notice to the bank.

  4. A deposit of money that can be withdrawn without prior notice.

How to use Demand deposit in a sentence?

  1. Money will move from Joes demand deposit account to a money market demand deposit account with a bank.
  2. Demand deposit accounts can have joint owners, where both owners must sign to open the account, but only one account holder has to sign to close the account. .
  3. Money market accounts, or other accounts that limit withdrawals or deposits, aren't demand deposit accounts. .
  4. Demand deposits provide the money consumers need for purchasing daily expenses, where funds can be withdrawn at any time from the depository institution. .

Meaning of Demand deposit & Demand deposit Definition

Demand Deposit,

Demand Deposit:

A simple definition of Demand Deposit is: A Demand Deposit Account (DDA) consists of funds held in a bank account and from which funds can be withdrawn at any time, for example. Wheelless DDA accounts can pay interest on the amount deposited in the account, but it is not mandatory. The DDA allows access to funds at any time, while access to fixed deposit accounts is limited to a certain period.

  • Cash deposits are the amount that customers need to buy their daily expenses, and funds are withdrawn from storage at any time.
  • Demand deposit accounts can be co-owned. Both owners need to be logged in to open an account, but only one owner needs to be logged in to close the account.
  • Money market accounts or other accounts that limit withdrawals or deposits do not appear as deposit accounts.

Users' assets in the current account. Funds can be withdrawn by check upon request.

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Meanings of Demand:
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Meanings of Deposit:
  1. Usually informally putting (something or someone) in a special place or leaving it.

  2. Save it or ask someone to take care of it.

  3. Usually the amount deposited in a bank account or the amount deposited to earn interest.

  4. Payment may be made as the first installment of the item purchased or later as a mortgage agreement with the arrears.

  5. The body of the deposited layer or substance.

  6. The process of putting something in a special place.

Sentences of Deposit
  1. Place a stack of books on the kitchen table

  2. Safe where customers can keep valuables

  3. An alternative to depositing money from banks or mortgage lenders.

  4. We've saved a lot for home savings

  5. Chrome salt deposits

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Synonyms of Deposit

down payment, part payment, place, accumulation, rest, settle, prepayment, advance payment, set down, put, sublimate, pledge, stake, retainer, lay down, put down, sit, lay, set, instalment, unload, sediment, security

Demand Deposit,

How Do You Define Demand Deposit?

  1. Submit funds that may be withdrawn without notice.