Delta Matematica

Delta Matematica

What; Delta, good math? 3

I want to know why © or deltas work naturally and that it is a matter of deltas in mathematics and also what you can see from Bhaskara's formula, pf pf 10 points in 5 stars as the answer q I would like you to give a complete answer. Hours, the teacher must know.

In mathematics or physics, Delta  ہے is the Greek letter which signifies difference or Be, the difference between essential values.

In mathematics, the delta integral of the Báskara formula is used to calculate the root (languages) of an equation or to perform a gray shadow or to find something that does not exist.

Or a delta is also used to determine a 2 x 2 matrix, for example, the difference between only two elements which results in a central diagonal and the two elements produce a slight diagonal.

Well physically or even the delta is used to signify the difference. For example, when you say:

The difference between Delta S = Â © a final position ° and the starting position of a particular move in relation to or against a particular reference.

Delta V = Â فرق The difference between the final velocity and the initial velocity observed on the way to the moving destination.

Generalization E:

Delta X = Â © a differentiates between X2 and X1.

Delta Y = © © a differentiates between Y2 and Y1.

Mathematics is a terrible thing, a person who studies mountains of things, he has to calculate this and that, but Porcaren or Porcaren, and neither do we. Not on a daily basis, just don't offer to fill a bag, and ten people you like. Faith !!!

Delta (ÃÂ ») نام The so-called distinction used in the Biscara formula

Viewform:  ”= b²4.a.c, indicating that:

 ”= 0 as root is real and equal.

 ”> 0 as the original root and not equal or different.

Delta in Adimental Bhaskara !!! Without it, Bhaskara is impossible to solve. For a calculator to calculate exactly for Bhaskara یا or to calculate the first delta, the formula is> b²4 * a * c.

Already in mathematics or the meaning of delta is different!

It helps

I can't explain it, Louise. Or delta is equal to © b 2 4ac.

Use or use delta in the equation to solve 2nd gray in Bhaskara's formula.

x = (b + root (delta)) / 2a (Bhaskar's formula)

I'm sorry I don't know what else to say.

many years.

Delta Matematica