Delivery notice

Delivery notice,

Definition of Delivery notice:

  1. A delivery notice is a notice written by the holder of the short position in a futures contract informing the clearinghouse of the intent and details of delivering a commodity for settlement. The clearinghouse will then send a delivery notice to the buyer, or long position holder of the pending delivery.

  2. Futures trading: Formal notice by a seller (through a clearing house) of the sellers intention to make delivery of the contracted cash commodity or financial future on a particular date. Delivery notice is different from a warehouse receipt which transfers title.

  3. The delivery notice is one element of the futures contract which follows a standard format. It will identify details of quantity, grade, delivery location, and delivery date.

  4. General: Formal notice by a seller to a buyer that the ordered goods have been delivered or will be delivered on a specified date.

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