Delivered-at-Place (DAP)

Delivered-at-Place (DAP),

Delivered-at-Place (DAP):

  1. Delivered at Place (DAP) is an international trade term that defines a transaction in which the seller agrees to bear all possible costs and losses in moving the goods to a particular location. In the express delivery agreement, the buyer is responsible for paying all applicable import duties and taxes, including customs duties and local taxes, when the delivery reaches its destination.

    • Delivered at Place (DAP) is an international trade term that defines a transaction in which the seller agrees to bear all costs and the potential loss of movement of goods sold at a particular location. Tolerates
    • Delivery locally means that the seller bears all the risks and costs of sending the goods by consensus.
    • DeliveryDeplace is an international trade term introduced by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in the eighth edition of its Inquiries.

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