Delivered At Frontier (DAF)

Delivered At Frontier (DAF),

What is The Meaning of Delivered At Frontier (DAF)?

  1. Delivered at Border (DAF) is a term used in international shipping agreements that require the seller to deliver the goods at the border point. In principle, the seller assumes all costs of transporting the goods to the buyer's storage location. The goods that the party collects are usually imported and passed through customs.

    • Border delivery is an international shipping term that requires the seller to deliver the goods to the border point.
    • The shipping agreement should include the exact place of delivery and the terms of exchange for the seller.
    • Customers carrying goods at the border are responsible for customs duties.

Literal Meanings of Delivered At Frontier (DAF)


Meanings of Delivered:
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Meanings of Frontier:
  1. A line or border that separates two countries.

Sentences of Frontier
  1. There is no known international crime frontier

Synonyms of Frontier

bounding line, border, partition, boundary, dividing line, borderline, demarcation line