Deliverance Film Location

Deliverance Film Location

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I think he was in Tennessee, where or where he was filmed. I am considering retiring there and would like to avoid this area unless I feel like a toothless person.

Clayton was released in the Tulla Valley in southern Georgia and on the Chattanooga River, which separates Georgia and South Carolina. Additional scenes were also filmed in Salem, South Carolina and Silva, North Carolina. There is also a view at Mount Carmel Church, which is now 90 meters below the surface of Lake Josie in South Carolina.

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The Chittagong River, which separates South Carolina from Georgia, is the setting for most of the scenes in the film.

An important part of the film was shot in Woodall Sals, which is considered to be the fastest Dundee in Chittagong.

There are also some views on Lake Josi, near the Chittagong River in the northwestern part of our state.

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Deliverance Film Location