What is The Definition of Delisting?

Cancellation of registration is return of securities listed on the stock exchange. Cancellations can be voluntary or accidental and usually occur when a company closes, files for bankruptcy are found, mergers are made, does not meet registration requirements, or wishes to become private. Is.

  • Cancellation occurs when the stock is withdrawn
  • Exclusion from the list usually means that the stock does not meet the requirements of the stock exchange.
  • Less than 1 share 1 prices have not been appreciated by major indexes for a long time and that was one of the reasons for deleting this list.
  • The consequences of the emissions are significant and some companies are working hard to avoid emissions.

Meanings of Delisting

  1. Remove it from the list or category.

Sentences of Delisting

  1. Warehouses registered with Blum should be canceled after renewal