Definition of Deliberation:

  1. Slow and careful movement or thought.

  2. Long and careful consideration or discussion.

  3. Judicial decision making process during which members of a jury go over the facts of the case after hearing the evidence, closing arguments, and the judges instructions.

Synonyms of Deliberation

Advisement, Aforethought, Airing, Analysis, Application, Brainwork, Brooding, Buzz session, Calculatedness, Calculation, Canniness, Canvassing, Care, Careful consideration, Carefulness, Caution, Cautiousness, Cerebration, Circumspection, Cloture, Cogitation, Colloquium, Committee consideration, Concentration, Confabulation, Conference, Consideration, Contemplation, Counsel, Creeping, Debate, Debating, Deliberate stages, Deliberateness, Dialectic, Dialogue, Discretion, Discussion, Division, Dolce far niente, Drawl, Examination, Exchange of views, Express intention, Expressness, Filibuster, Filibustering, Filing, First reading, Foot-dragging, Forethought, Forum, Gingerliness, Guardedness, Hastelessness, Hedge, Hedging, Heed, Heedfulness, Hesitation, Idleness, Inactivity, Indolence, Inertia, Inertness, Intentionality, Introduction, Investigation, Joint discussion, Judiciousness, Languor, Laziness, Leisureliness, Lentitude, Lentor, Logical analysis, Logical discussion, Logrolling, Lucubration, Meditation, Mindfulness, Musing, Open discussion, Open forum, Panel discussion, Pawkiness, Pokiness, Pondering, Preconsideration, Predeliberation, Predetermination, Premeditation, Preresolution, Prior consultation, Prudence, Prudentialness, Rap, Rap session, Reflection, Regardfulness, Relaxedness, Reluctance, Review, Revolving, Roll call, Rumination, Safeness, Safety first, Second reading, Seminar, Slackness, Sloth, Slowness, Slowness to act, Sluggardy, Sluggishness, Solicitude, Speculation, Steamroller methods, Study, Symposium, Tabling, Talkathon, Tentativeness, Third reading, Thoroughness, Town meeting, Treatment, Uncommunicativeness, Unhastiness, Unhurriedness, Unprecipitateness, Ventilation, Vote, Weighing, Care, Carefulness, Lack of haste, Steadiness, Thought, Thinking, Consideration, Reflection, Contemplation, Cogitation, Pondering, Weighing up, Musing, Meditation, Rumination, Brooding

How to use Deliberation in a sentence?

  1. After much deliberation we arrived at a compromise.
  2. He replaced the glass on the table with deliberation.

Meaning of Deliberation & Deliberation Definition