What is The Meaning of Deleveraging?

  1. Deleveraging can be defined as, Debt relief comes when a company or individual tries to reduce all its financial benefits. In other words, getting rid of debt is the opposite of reducing debt and making a profit. The best way to get out of debt is to settle all your debts and obligations on your balance sheet immediately. If you can't do this, the company or individual may be at greater risk of failure.

    • Getting out of debt means reducing your debt without having to take out a new loan.
    • The purpose of the deletion is to reduce the percentage of a company's balance sheet that is financed by debt.
    • Too much systemic deletion can lead to financial crisis and a bad reputation.

  2. Definition of Deleveraging: The company's efforts to reduce its debt, for example, by selling assets, retaining employees, and so on.

Meanings of Deleveraging

  1. The act or process of reducing your debt by selling your assets quickly.

Sentences of Deleveraging

  1. In late February, management launched a debt reduction campaign in 2005 to restore the company to good standing.