Definition of Delegation:

  1. Management: Employees or subordinates share or exchange authority and responsibility with the employer or supervisor (who has the right to delegate).

  2. Delegation or act of delegation.

  3. A group of delegates or representatives forms a representative.

  4. General: Transfer of power from one party (delegation) to another party (delegation) for a common purpose. According to the legal concept of subordinate responsibility, the delegation is responsible for the actions or mistakes of the delegation to achieve the objectives.

  5. Agency: Client's exchange of representation rights (e.g. from contractor to subcontractor), which can only be done with the client's consent (1), (2) as usual or (3) as required. If so, for the performance of the assigned functions.

Synonyms of Delegation

Appointment, Representation, Anointment, Jurisdiction, Commissioning, Delegated authority, Vicarious authority, Seizure, Quid pro quo, Empowerment, Coronation, Deputation, Succession, Purview, Usurpation, Committal, Switch, Tit for tat, Enfeoffment, Agentship, Warrant, Mission, Embassy, Proxy, Cure, Mission, Procuration, Authority, Anointing, Plenipotentiary power, Regentship, Supplantment, Arrogation, Commutation, Entrusting, Regency, Displacement, Relegation, Assumption, Power to act, Deputation, Consecration, Supplanting, Authorization, Supplantation, Commission, Office, Trust, Executorship, Devolvement, Deputation, Replacement, Supersession, Committee, Subcommittee, License, Transference, Lieutenancy, Superseding, Commitment, Diplomatic mission, Election, Mandate, Exequatur, Infeodation, Legitimate succession, Task, Full power, Assignment, Vicariousness, Assignment, Exchange, Errand, Legation, Responsibility, Remanding, Commendation, Devolution, Taking over, Deputyship, Giving, Consignment, Factorship, Delegacy, Entrusting, Change, Infeudation, Power of attorney, Devolution, Accession, Care, Supersedence, Entrustment, Agency, Brevet, Subrogation, Legation, Supersedure, Trusteeship, Charge, Substitution, Commission

How to use Delegation in a sentence?

  1. Prioritize delegation tasks.
  2. Delegation of teachers
  3. A US delegation was sent to the United Nations to discuss a number of issues with the United Nations.
  4. Sometimes, when the boss is too busy, he uses delegation techniques to make sure the right person gets the job done.
  5. Sometimes the CEO is very busy and he uses the delegation to assign new roles to the people he trusts.

Meaning of Delegation & Delegation Definition