Definition of Delay:

  1. Make (someone or something) late or slow.

  2. Unplanned deferment of a scheduled activity because of some thing or occurrence that impedes its commencement or continuation. Delay usually has time-associated cost effects on a contract which may be measured in terms of time, money, or a combination thereof.

  3. A period of time by which something is late or postponed.

Synonyms of Delay

Abide, Adjourn, Afterthought, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrestment, Await, Backpedal, Backwater, Be a sideliner, Be still, Bide, Bide the issue, Bind, Block, Blockage, Blocking, Bog down, Bottle up, Brake, Bureaucratic delay, Check, Clip the wings, Clogging, Closing up, Closure, Coast, Confine, Constriction, Continue, Countercheck, Cramp, Curb, Dally, Dam up, Damp, Dampen, Dawdle, Dawdling, Decelerate, Deceleration, Defer, Deferment, Deferral, Delayage, Delayed reaction, Detain, Detainment, Detention, Dilly, Dillydally, Do nothing, Double take, Drag, Drag along, Drag out, Dragging, Draw rein, Drift, Drone, Ease off, Ease up, Ease-off, Ease-up, Extend, Falter, Fixation, Flag, Flagging, Foot-dragging, Gap, Goof off, Halt, Hampering, Hang about, Hang around, Hang back, Hang fire, Hang up, Hang-up, Hesitate, Hiatus, Hibernate, Hinder, Hindering, Hindrance, Hold back, Hold everything, Hold in check, Hold off, Hold on, Hold over, Hold up, Hold your horses, Hold-up, Holdback, Holdup, Idle, Impede, Impediment, Inhibit, Inhibition, Interference, Interim, Interlude, Intermeddle, Intermit, Interrupt, Interruption, Interval, Intervene, Jam, Keep, Keep back, Keep in check, Lacuna, Lag, Lag behind, Lagging, Lay aside, Lay away, Lay by, Lay over, Let, Let down, Let up, Letdown, Letup, Lie dormant, Linger, Logjam, Loiter, Loitering, Lollygag, Lose ground, Lose momentum, Lose speed, Lull, Make late, Mark time, Meddle, Minus acceleration, Mire, Moderate, Moratorium, Mull, Negativism, Not budge, Not stir, Nuisance value, Obstruct, Obstruction, Obstructionism, Occlusion, Oppose, Opposition, Paperasserie, Pause, Pigeonhole, Poke, Poke along, Postpone, Postponement, Procrastinate, Prolong, Prorogate, Prorogue, Protract, Push aside, Put aside, Put away, Put in mothballs, Put off, Put on ice, Recess, Red tape, Red-tapeism, Red-tapery, Reef, Rein in, Relax, Repress, Repression, Reprieve, Reserve, Resist, Resistance, Respite, Rest, Restrain, Restraint, Restriction, Retard, Retardance, Retardation, Retardment, Scotch, Set aside, Set back, Set by, Setback, Shelve, Shift off, Shilly-shally, Shilly-shallying, Sideline, Sit back, Sit it out, Sit tight, Sit up, Slack off, Slack up, Slack-up, Slacken, Slackening, Sleep on, Slow, Slow down, Slow up, Slow-up, Slowdown, Slowing, Slowing down, Slowness, Slowup, Snub, Squeeze, Stagnate, Stall, Stand over, Stave off, Stay, Stay of execution, Stay up, Stick around, Stop, Stoppage, Store, Stow, Stranglehold, Stretch out, Stricture, Suppress, Suppression, Suspend, Suspension, Table, Table the motion, Take a recess, Take in sail, Take time, Tarry, Tarrying, Temporize, Throttle down, Tie-up, Time lag, Trail, Vacillate, Vegetate, Wait, Wait a minute, Wait and see, Waiting, Waive, Waste time, Watch and wait, Waver, Hold-up, Wait, Waiting period, Detainment, Detain, Hold up, Make late, Retard, Keep, Keep back, Slow up, Slow down, Set back, Bog down

How to use Delay in a sentence?

  1. A two-hour delay.
  2. The train was delayed.

Meaning of Delay & Delay Definition