Degree (º)

Degree (º),

Definition of Degree (º):

  1. The unit of measure for an angle or arc is equal to 60 minutes (60), 3600 seconds (3600), 0.017 radians or 1/360 of a circle. At ground level, it measures an average of 60 nautical miles, or 111.12 kilometers (approximately 69 legal miles).

  2. Measure crude oil density on reverse scale (see API density).

  3. Units in one of several scales of temperature, intensity or hardness. One of several classes (usually three) is used to classify burns according to intensity. The legal level of crime or offenses, especially murder. Positioning the scale of computational music from the root or primary tone; The class that equals the greatest power of an unknown or existing variable. One of the three levels of the gradual adjective scale and a function of the comparative scale, such as positive, positive, comparative and higher. Arrange in Freemasonry order. Something that is placed as a stage in a series of planes or lines.

  4. A unit of measure for an angle, an angle of ninety degrees, or an angle connected to the three hundredths of a circle.

  5. Academic degree awarded by a college or university to another person after an examination or course, or on the basis of an honor.

  6. The amount, degree, or extent to which something happens or exists.

  7. Social or government class.

  8. Measure the temperature in decimal scale, see Celsius scale and Fahrenheit scale.

Synonyms of Degree (º)

Standing in society, Standard, Mark, Rank, Point, Gradation, Social class, Level, Stage, Social status, Rung, Grade, Position in society

How to use Degree (º) in a sentence?

  1. My karate teacher told me that keeping my hands and arms at a 90 degree angle would help in attack and defense.
  2. Amy tilted her little mirror so she could spy on the man behind her without interfering.
  3. I studied philosophy and I was very happy because I worked hard and deserved it.
  4. It would be wise to be careful.
  5. People of unequal class.
  6. Set it at a 45 degree angle.
  7. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
  8. Bachelor of Biology

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