Definition of Defragmentation:

  1. Rearrange files on your hard drive for faster data access. After deleting files from the hard drive, the operating system tries to free up new files. If the new file is too large, save the extra data elsewhere. Over time, hundreds of files are scattered asymmetrically on the hard drive, increasing access to data.

How to use Defragmentation in a sentence?

  1. I can use my computer and play in-store new games after the defragmentation process is complete.
  2. Jessica is having so much trouble with her computer that her system loads and responds slowly. It has been suggested that technical support should not be used to defuse hard drives, which seems to solve most problems.
  3. We recommend ation defragmentation to efficiently organize and manage our business, as we rely on computers.

Meaning of Defragmentation & Defragmentation Definition