Definition of Deforestation:

  1. The process of cutting down large areas of trees.

  2. There is no time for deforestation or destruction of old forests or deliberate use of trees and other plants for agricultural, commercial, residential or timber purposes without deforestation and deforestation. The greenhouse effect and deforestation is a major part of deforestation.

How to use Deforestation in a sentence?

  1. Its main purpose is to control large-scale deforestation in the Amazon.
  2. As a logger, Rodrigo knows that his work plays a key role in deforestation in the northwestern Pacific, but he has not been interested in logging in.
  3. The high cost in the area has resulted in complete deforestation, displacing thousands of species of native plants and animals and endangering many people.
  4. The state has ordered large-scale deforestation around the forest due to demand for new buildings, houses and factories.

Meaning of Deforestation & Deforestation Definition