Definition of Definitive:

  1. An action, statement, or authoritative action that concludes a series of events and perfectly determines a position or outcome where an additional discussion, question, or study is clearly not necessary. See also definition.

Synonyms of Definitive

Round, Unmitigated, Crass, Specific, Terminating, Global, Shocking, Final, Categorical, Ultimate, Undoubting, Egregious, All-out, Entire, Downright, Total, Closing, Through and through, Clear, Pronounced, Unhampered, Unlimited, Implicit, Inappealable, The veriest, Terminal, Regular, Intolerable, Unrestricted, Limitative, Unspoiled, Absolute, Terminative, Confining, Precious, Glaring, Outright, Uncircumscribed, Fixed, Restrictive, Out-and-out, Completing, Caudal, Unrelieved, Proper, Straight, Eventual, Determinative, Accurate, Exact, Precise, Unreserved, Rank, Profound, Decided, Indisputable, Admitting no exception, Flat-out, Decisive, Unmistakable, Clear-cut, Complete, Utter, Explicit, Clean-cut, Defining, Extreme, Ending, Flagrant, Unbearable, Stark, Thorough, Definite, Flat, Peremptory, Unconditioned, Restricting, Concluding, Straight-out, Without reserve, Thoroughgoing, Finishing, Express, Polar, Unequivocal, Unqualified, Reliable, Limitary, Without exception, Farthest, Actual, Real, Limiting, Positive, Unambiguous, Tail, Stark-staring, Last, Unquestioning, Boundary, Perfect, Exhaustive, Unwaivable, Gross, Determining, Exclusive, Shattering, Unhesitating, Consummate, Endmost, Authoritative, Arrant, Determinate, Superlative, Clarifying, Whole, Conclusive, Undeniable, Unconditional, Settling, Unconscionable, Classical, Surpassing

Meaning of Definitive & Definitive Definition

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