Definition of Definitely:

  1. Without doubt (used for emphasis).

  2. With absolutely certainty. I promise you that we will definitely have a chance to go over the documents tomorrow..

Synonyms of Definitely

Absolutely, And no mistake, Apparently, Apprehensibly, Articulately, Assuredly, At all events, At any rate, By all means, Categorically, Certainly, Clearly, Coherently, Comprehensibly, Concretely, Conspicuously, Dead, Decidedly, Decisively, Directly, Discernibly, Distinctly, Doubtless, Doubtlessly, Especially, Even, Evidently, Exactly, Explicitly, Expressly, Faithfully, Finally, For a certainty, For a fact, For certain, For sure, Forsooth, Glaringly, In all respects, In detail, In every respect, In particular, In plain English, In plain terms, In plain words, In truth, Indeed, Indeedy, Indubitably, Intelligibly, Ipsissimis verbis, Item by item, Just, Limpidly, Literally, Literatim, Lucidly, Manifestly, Markedly, Minutely, Most assuredly, Most certainly, Nothing else but, Noticeably, Observably, Obviously, Of course, Particularly, Patently, Pellucidly, Perceivably, Perceptibly, Perspicuously, Plainly, Plumb, Point-blank, Positively, Precisely, Prominently, Pronouncedly, Recognizably, Right, Rigidly, Rigorously, Seeably, Separately, Simply, Singly, Specially, Specifically, Square, Squarely, Staringly, Starkly, Straight, Strictly, Surely, To a certainty, To be specific, To be sure, To the letter, Truly, Unambiguously, Unconcealedly, Understandably, Undeviatingly, Undisguisedly, Undoubtedly, Unequivocally, Unerringly, Unmistakably, Unquestionably, Verbally, Verbatim, Verbatim et litteratim, Visibly, With clarity, Word by word, Word for word, Certainly, Surely, For sure, Unquestionably, Beyond doubt, Without doubt, Beyond question, Without question, Beyond any doubt, Undoubtedly, Indubitably, Assuredly, Positively, Absolutely

How to use Definitely in a sentence?

  1. I will definitely be at the airport to meet you.

Meaning of Definitely & Definitely Definition

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