Definition of Definite:

  1. Clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful.

  2. Certain, clear cut, and exact within its determinable boundaries, context, or scope. See also definitive.

Synonyms of Definite

Absolute, Admitting no exception, All-out, Apodictic, Articulate, Assigned, Assured, Audible, Bound, Bound and determined, Categorical, Certain, Circumscribed, Circumscript, Clean-cut, Clear, Clear and distinct, Clear as crystal, Clear as day, Clear-cut, Coherent, Committed, Complete, Conclusive, Concrete, Confirmed, Connected, Consistent, Conspicuous, Contrastive, Crisp, Crystal-clear, Crystalline, Decided, Decisive, Dedicated, Defined, Definitive, Delimited, Demarcated, Detailed, Determinate, Determined, Devoted, Different, Direct, Distinct, Distinctive, Distinguished, Downright, Earnest, Encircled, Entire, Esoteric, Especial, Established, Evident, Exact, Exceptional, Explicit, Express, Extraordinary, Final, Fixed, Flat, Flat-out, Forthright, Full, Glaring, Global, Hearable, Hedged about, Hi-fi, High-fidelity, Implicit, In focus, Inappealable, Incisive, Indisputable, Individual, Ineluctable, Inevitable, Inner, Intimate, Limited, Limpid, Loud and clear, Lucid, Luminous, Minute, Narrow, Necessary, Noteworthy, Obstinate, Obvious, Out-and-out, Outright, Particular, Patent, Pellucid, Peremptory, Perfect, Perfectly sure, Persevering, Persistent, Personal, Perspicuous, Plain, Positive, Precise, Predestined, Predetermined, Prescribed, Private, Prominent, Pronounced, Purposeful, Relentless, Resolute, Resolved, Respective, Restricted, Round, Serious, Set, Settled, Several, Simple, Sincere, Single-minded, Singular, Solipsistic, Special, Specific, Staring, Stated, Straight, Straight-out, Straightforward, Sure, Sure-enough, Surrounded, Tenacious, Total, Translucent, Transparent, Transpicuous, True, Unambiguous, Uncircumscribed, Unconditional, Unconditioned, Unconfused, Undoubting, Unequivocal, Unhampered, Unhesitating, Univocal, Unlimited, Unmistakable, Unmitigated, Unqualified, Unquestioning, Unreserved, Unrestricted, Unwaivable, Utter, Well-defined, Well-marked, Well-pronounced, Well-resolved, Whole, Wholehearted, Without exception, Without reserve, Explicit, Specific, Express, Precise, Exact, Defined, Well defined, Clear-cut

How to use Definite in a sentence?

  1. We had no definite plans.

Meaning of Definite & Definite Definition