Definition of Define:

  1. Explain the nature, scope or meaning clearly.

  2. Check the threshold.

  3. Explain boundaries or definitions with the intention of making certain elements stand out and separate from others, avoiding confusion, conflict or overlap. See also definition and recipe.

Synonyms of Define

Set the tone, Line, Check, Trace, Stake out, Establish, Read, Punctuate, Expound, Mark, Elucidate, Plant, Lay down, Jam, Seat, Blemish, Clarify, Freckle, Stipulate, Decide, Pepper, Blaze, Pencil, Seam, Chalk up, Fix, Puncture, Mark boundaries, Fleck, Nominate, Lay off, Deep-dye, Keynote, Identify, Designate, Scotch, Describe, Tick, Christen, Ground, Detail, Margin, Clarify, Delimitate, Underscore, Infix, Understand, Title, Nickname, Explain, Root, Etch, Make a mark, Circle in, Describe, Expound, Interpret, Set in, Underline, Diagnose, Entitle, Skirt, Brand, Stereotype, Score, Edge, Splotch, Sound the keynote, Inscribe, Specify, Explain, Stripe, Establish, Implant, Hem, Tick off, Engraft, Point, Characterize, Notch, Set the pace, Distinguish, Set, Mark off, Chalk, Label, Pack, Stamp, Streak, Set apart, Scar, Speckle, Scarify, Bound, Hatch, Demarcate, Earmark, Speck, Term, Impress, Rope off, Rim, Designate, Determine, Specify, Surround, Punch, Impact, Engrave, Gash, Read into, State, Mark out, Confirm, Verge, Limit, Found, Name, Dub, Print, Check off, Wedge, Tattoo, Assign, Mark the periphery, Set the limit, Dash, Blotch, Striate, Lodge, Circumscribe, Spot, Mottle, Take it that, Mark off, Scratch, Dapple, Riddle, Fix, Interpret, Blaze a trail, Imprint, Call, Understand by, Take, Be characteristic, Bed, Delimit, Discolor, Entrench, Outline, Dot, Set down, Delineate, Denominate, Explicate, Set out, Seal, Stigmatize, Settle, Differentiate, Tag, Take to mean, Cicatrize, Embed, Mark out, Spell out, Stain, Style, Ingrain, Settle, Determine, Construe, Baptize, Nick, Prick, Enclose

How to use Define in a sentence?

  1. I had to find a way to distinguish between the two shades of gray when painting a buyer's house.
  2. Whenever I try something new, I want people to come up with all the rules so I know I'm doing it right.
  3. The contract will try to define the customer's responsibilities.
  4. Parents should explain to their children what they can and cannot do while away, so that nothing bad happens while they are away and the children are not harmed or broken.
  5. The river defines the boundaries of the park.

Meaning of Define & Define Definition