Definition of Deficit:

  1. In a deficit, the total of negative amounts is greater than the total of positive amounts. In other words, the outflow of money exceeds the inflow of funds. A deficit can occur when a government, company, or individual spends more than is received in a given period, usually a year.

  2. The amount by which something, especially a sum of money, is too small.

  3. A deficit is an amount by which a resource, especially money, falls short of what is required. A deficit occurs when expenses exceed revenues, imports exceed exports, or liabilities exceed assets. A deficit is synonymous with shortfall or loss and is the opposite of a surplus.

  4. Excess of expenses over income or liabilities over assets.

Synonyms of Deficit

Absence, Arrear, Arrearage, Arrears, Back debts, Back payments, Balance, Beggary, Bouncing check, Break, Credit, Decline, Defalcation, Default, Defect, Defectiveness, Deferred payments, Deficiency, Deficit financing, Delinquency, Deprivation, Destitution, Difference, Discontinuity, Discrepancy, Dollar gap, Drought, Epact, Failure, Falling short, Famine, Gap, Hiatus, Imperfection, Impoverishment, Inadequacy, Incompleteness, Inferiority, Insufficiency, Interval, Lack, Lacuna, Loss, Missing link, Need, Net, Omission, Outage, Overdraft, Remainder, Scantiness, Short measure, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shortfall, Slump, Starvation, Surplus, Ullage, Underage, Want, Wantage, Shortfall, Deficiency, Shortage, Undersupply, Slippage

How to use Deficit in a sentence?

  1. A deficit occurs when a resource, money, in particular, is less than the amount required.
  2. The CEOs reckless spending on projects that were not approved by the board of directors led to a serious budget deficit and ultimately cost him the job.
  3. The fund will absorb the deficit in the Rover pension scheme, which officially stands at £67.6m.
  4. A deficit adds to one's debt, which most do not consider financially healthy.
  5. After 10 years of financial struggle, the small accounting firm was able to make enough money to cover their deficit .
  6. If your company does not perform well you may actually run at a deficit instead of turning a profit and thats not good.
  7. A budget deficit and a trade deficit are the two main types of deficits.

Meaning of Deficit & Deficit Definition


What is The Definition of Deficit?

Deficit refers to In financial matters, deficits arise when expenditures exceed taxes, imports exceed exports, or liabilities exceed assets. Deficit is equivalent to deficit or deficit and vice versa. A deficit can occur when a government, company or individual spends more than that in a given period, usually a year.

  • Deficits arise when costs exceed tariffs, imports exceed exports, or liabilities exceed assets in a given year.
  • Governments and companies sometimes deliberately run deficits in a recession to boost the economy or to support future growth.
  • The country has faced two major types of deficits: budget deficit and trade deficit.

Financial losses occur when liability exceeds ASSETS.

Meanings of Deficit

  1. The amount of anything, especially some amount, is very small.

Sentences of Deficit

  1. The fund will cover the deficit in Rover's pension system, which is officially Rs.66.6 million.