Deferred payment

Deferred payment,

Definition of Deferred payment:

  1. A loan agreement that starts paying off the borrower in the future. The term deferred payment is often used in retail stores where an individual buys and receives goods with the obligation to start paying later.

  2. Temporarily defer payment of bills or loans without compensation, usually in installments.

How to use Deferred payment in a sentence?

  1. Deferred repayment option is mandatory as this loan cannot be repaid early and we have not repaid this year.
  2. I don't have that much money to buy a new computer, but I can still get one because the store offers 6 months late payment.
  3. The main attraction of using a credit card is the idea of ​​delay in payment.
  4. You may receive a late payment from someone, but only if you are confident that the person will pay you.

Meaning of Deferred payment & Deferred payment Definition