Definition of Deferral:

  1. Formal notification that some activity, program, or project has been temporarily delayed or withheld.

  2. A postponement of an action or event.

How to use Deferral in a sentence?

  1. If you receive a deferral you must wait until the delay is over until you can start working on that again.
  2. I left the facility with my head hanging low because I was a deferral that day and could not donate, which made me feel low.
  3. They agreed to a deferral of industrial action.
  4. The deferral was unexpected so we had to discontinue our business as we knew it until we found a new client.

Meaning of Deferral & Deferral Definition



  1. Delay in the date on which expenses were paid or spent or REVENUE received is listed in this list.


How To Define Deferral?

  • Postponed the date on which any expenses were paid or spent or the income received was posted in the library.

Meanings of Deferral

  1. Postpone an action or event.

Sentences of Deferral

  1. Acceptance of labor disputes


Postpone the date on which an expense already paid or incurred or REVENUE already received is recorded in the BIG BOOK.