Definition of Defer:

  1. Intentionally delay or postpone until a future time.

Synonyms of Defer

Accede, Accede to, Accommodate, Acquiesce, Adapt, Adjourn, Adjust, Agree, Agree to, Assent, Block, Bow, Bow to, Capitulate, Cave, Comply with, Conform, Continue, Cringe, Defer to, Delay, Detain, Drag out, Extend, Fawn, Hang fire, Hang up, Hinder, Hold off, Hold over, Hold up, Impede, Intermit, Knuckle, Knuckle under, Lay aside, Lay by, Lay over, Lengthen, Obstruct, Pigeonhole, Postpone, Prolong, Prorogate, Prorogue, Protract, Push aside, Put aside, Put off, Put on ice, Put over, Recess, Remit, Reserve, Retard, Set aside, Set by, Shelve, Shift off, Sleep on, Slow, Stall, Stand over, Stave off, Stay, Stretch out, Submit, Submit to, Succumb, Suspend, Table, Take a recess, Truckle, Waive, Yield to

Meaning of Defer & Defer Definition