Defense Within Limits

Defense Within Limits,

What is Defense Within Limits?

  • Meaning of Defense Within Limits: Terms of liability based on the amount paid by the insurance company that protects the insured from claims or actions that reduce the applicable limit of insurance. Ordinary liability insurance is generally not subject to these provisions, although standard liability insurance provides a compensation defense to a sick patient whose name remains within the limits if the insured has the obligation to enter into this defense agreement. A binding defense is more common in occupational compensation insurance.

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Meanings of Defense:
  1. Defending or containing an attack.

  2. In any case, the cases brought by the plaintiff or the defendant or by them.

  3. The act or role of defending a goal against an opponent (in sports).

Sentences of Defense
  1. He came to defend the eccentric teacher

  2. The farmers' defense was that they only wanted to hurt the thieves.

  3. We play a strong defense

Synonyms of Defense

safeguarding, protection, shielding, denial, rebuttal, guarding


Meanings of Within:
  1. Inside (something)

  2. Inside, inside.

Sentences of Within
  1. A fire broke out inside the building

Synonyms of Within

in, indoors, enclosed by, within, inside, within the bounds of, within the confines of, surrounded by


Meanings of Limits:
  1. A point or value whose sequence, function, or sequence number can move as close as possible.

Sentences of Limits
  1. This failure showed the limits of British power

  2. In fact, the setting changes to a range, which is priced at 2.7182818.

Synonyms of Limits

place a limit on, restrain, put a brake on, curb, hold in check, restrict, cap, ceiling, upper limit, freeze, check, maximum, peg, hold, keep within bounds, limitation