Defense mechanism

Defense mechanism,

Definition of Defense mechanism:

  1. Unconscious behavioral pattern by which an individual attempts to cope with stress, such as through projection (attributing ones circumstances, faults, and failure to others), rationalization (hiding true motives for ones actions, desires, and feelings with plausible explanations), or repression (blocking certain desires, ideas, and/or memories).

Synonyms of Defense mechanism

Alienation, Autism, Autistic thinking, Avoidance, Avoidance mechanism, Avoidance reaction, Avoiding reaction, Blame-shifting, Block, Blocking, Circumvention, Compensation, Conversion, Decompensation, Defence, Defense, Defense in depth, Defenses, Dereism, Dereistic thinking, Deterrent capacity, Displacement, Dissociation, Dodge, Duck, Ego defenses, Elusion, Elusiveness, Emotional insulation, Equivocation, Escape, Escape into fantasy, Escape mechanism, Escapism, Evasion, Evasive action, Evasiveness, Fantasizing, Fantasy, Flight, Forbearance, Forestalling, Forestallment, Getting around, Guard, Isolation, Jink, Mental block, Negative taxis, Negativism, Neutrality, Nonintervention, Noninvolvement, Overcompensation, Prevention, Projection, Protection, Psychological defenses, Psychotaxis, Rationalization, Refraining, Repression, Resistance, Self-defense, Self-preservation, Self-protection, Shunning, Shunting off, Shy, Sidestep, Sidetracking, Slip, Sociological adjustive reactions, Sublimation, Substitution, Suppression, Symbolization, The defensive, The runaround, Ward, Wish-fulfillment fantasy, Wishful thinking, Withdrawal, Zigzag

How to use Defense mechanism in a sentence?

  1. The failed project likely catalyzed a defense mechanism in the analyst who was in charge of the project as he is always competitive.
  2. I thought that the man shouting was just his defense mechanism so he would not hear the truth from other people.
  3. You need to come up with a good defense mechanism when you are trying to figure out how to protect your company.

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