Definition of Defendant:

  1. Entity charged with an offense in a civil or criminal case.

  2. An individual, company, or institution sued or accused in a court of law.

Synonyms of Defendant

Accessory, Accused, Bitter-ender, Brawler, Correspondent, Diehard, Disputant, Dissentient, Dissident, Intransigent, Irreconcilable, Last-ditcher, Libelee, Litigant, Litigationist, Litigator, Naysayer, Negativist, Noncooperator, Objector, Obstructionist, Obstructive, Opposer, Oppositionist, Panel, Parties litigant, Party, Plaintiff, Prisoner, Protester, Quarreler, Resister, Respondent, Scrapper, Suitor, Suspect, Witness, Wrangler, Accused, Prisoner at the bar

How to use Defendant in a sentence?

  1. The defendant tried to claim that it was self-defense.
  2. The defendant , who was being charged with first degree murder, entered the courtroom this morning with a very grim disposition.
  3. The prosecuting attorney knew he had his work cut out for him because Dr. Conklin was a very sympathetic defendant and the jury would most likely think so, too.
  4. The defendant charged with battery was scheduled to stand on trial two weeks from now his legal team was now tasked with creating a defense.

Meaning of Defendant & Defendant Definition


What Does Defendant Mean?

  • In civil proceedings, the party against whom the lawsuit is filed.

  • Definition of Defendant: Part is being processed.

  • In civil cases, the person being tried. In criminal proceedings, the individual commits a crime. Delay Penalty - The sentence was postponed to a later date. Following the sentencing, the judge did not announce or enforce the sentence, but adjourned the sentence to a later date for the defendant to meet certain conditions, such as going to driving school or probation. If the person meets the requirements, the case will be closed and will not be recorded in the criminal record of the accused.

Meanings of Defendant

  1. The person, company or institution that is being sued in court.


What is Defendant?

  1. In civil proceedings, the parties respond that the trial has begun.

  2. In civil cases, the person being tried. Defendant Deferred Penalty in a Case - A sentence that is deferred for a specified period. After sentencing, the judge does not announce or enforce the sentence, but postpones the sentence for a certain period of time so that the defendant meets certain conditions, such as going to driving school or being probed. If that person meets the conditions, a lawsuit will be filed and will not be part of the defendant's case.

Meanings of Defendant

  1. An individual, company or institution is suing or being sued.

Synonyms of Defendant

suspected person, appellant