Deep Web

Deep Web,

Deep Web: What is the Meaning of Deep Web?

  • Also known as the Invisible Web, which contains 500 times more information than the publicly accessible World Wide Web, the deep web contains data stored by secure organizations such as the military and governments. ۔

Literal Meanings of Deep Web


Meanings of Deep:
  1. Too deep or too deep.

  2. the sea.

  3. Extension from above or from the surface.

  4. Very severe or extreme

  5. (Sound) deep and fast

  6. (Color) Black and intense

Sentences of Deep
  1. Long journey to the countryside

  2. Deep inhabitant

  3. Deep throat

  4. She is in big trouble

  5. Deep and loud

  6. Dark pink

Synonyms of Deep

far in, low, sound, bass, deep down, sonorous, the sea, booming, resonant, resounding, rich, profound, full-toned, heavy, far down, rumbling, low-pitched, powerful, to a great depth, the ocean, way down, extending far down


Meanings of Web:
  1. Cover with canvas or the like.

  2. A web of fine threads that spiders use to pull their bodies out of the liquid to catch their prey.

  3. A complex system of interconnected elements.

  4. Membrane between the legs of swimming birds or other aquatic animals.

  5. The roll of paper is used in the permanent printing process.

  6. A piece of fabric.

Sentences of Web
  1. Although many spiders have relatively poor eyesight, people who use nets to catch their prey do not need a keen eye. Nelson says jumping spiders are an exception.

  2. In the bureaucratic network

  3. When the duck pulls its legs forward and brings its legs together, the canvas bends, reducing water resistance.

  4. For example, a moving sheet of paper about 6 feet wide is moving at a speed of thousands of feet per minute.

  5. Every woman makes her own handkerchief and washes it herself, and the price is never more than two shillings, and almost everyone wears it.

Synonyms of Web

chain, mesh, complex, network, set, tangle, trap, series, maze, conglomeration, mass, nexus, netting, knot, snare, lattice, net