Definition of Deemed:

  1. Regard or consider in a specified way.

  2. Assumed after deliberation.

Synonyms of Deemed

Regard as, Consider, Judge, Adjudge, Hold to be, Look on as, View as, See as, Take to be, Take for, Class as, Estimate as, Count, Rate, Find, Esteem, Calculate to be, Gauge, Suppose, Reckon, Account, Interpret as

How to use Deemed in a sentence?

  1. After months of being underpaid and under-appreciated, I deemed it reasonable to finally submit my two weeks notice to my boss and begin looking for a new job.
  2. My friend was debating between two cars but eventually he deemed on far more worthy than the other though it was close between the two.
  3. The event was deemed a great success.
  4. Tim never felt unsafe when visiting the mountain cabin but inspectors deemed it a dangerous structure and marked the building with condemned notices.

Meaning of Deemed & Deemed Definition