Definition of Deemed:

  1. Look or think in a special way.

  2. Taken after consideration.

Synonyms of Deemed

Hold to be, Take to be, Adjudge, Esteem, Regard as, See as, Find, Count, Take for, Class as, Rate, Suppose, View as, Account, Reckon, Interpret as, Consider, Judge, Gauge, Calculate to be, Look on as, Estimate as

How to use Deemed in a sentence?

  1. After months of pay and less wasting, my employer finally realized it was time to send her two weeks' notice and find a new job.
  2. My friend fought between two cars, but he felt much more valuable than the other, even though he was in the middle.
  3. This program was considered a great success.
  4. The team never felt unsafe visiting the mountain cabin, but the guards saw it as an unsafe structure and marked the building with a curse.

Meaning of Deemed & Deemed Definition