Deemed Interest

Deemed Interest,

Deemed Interest Meanings:

  • When a member of a multinational corporation (MFA) receives an interest-free loan from an affiliate, the tax authority of the lender's country may adjust the lender's income to the amount of interest accrued on the loan. Will be. This is done with outstretched arms.

Literal Meanings of Deemed Interest


Meanings of Deemed:
  1. Look or see a particular way

Sentences of Deemed
  1. This event is considered very successful.

Synonyms of Deemed

adjudge, esteem, gauge, rate, class as, hold to be, regard as, judge, reckon, see as, take for, consider, count, interpret as, estimate as, look on as, suppose, account, find, calculate to be, take to be, view as


Meanings of Interest:
  1. Creating curiosity or attention

  2. The state of wanting to know or learn something or someone.

  3. Amount that is paid at a fixed rate to be used for borrowing money permanently or for delay in repayment of loans.

  4. Benefits or benefits of a person or group.

  5. A company's process, act or action, especially of a financial nature.

  6. A group or organization that has a particular common concern, especially in politics or business.

Sentences of Interest
  1. I think Eric might be interested in this book.

  2. He looks around with interest

  3. Integration is not in the public interest

  4. Voters must declare their interests

  5. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

to the advantage of, absorption, heed, appeal to, portion, intrigue, undivided attention, engrossment, attract, claim, stock, dividends, investment, be attractive to, fascinate, equity, share, attentiveness, returns, for the sake of, stake