Definition of Deed:

  1. Legal document (instrument) by which an asset owner (the grantor) transfers his or her right of ownership (title) in an asset to another party (the grantee). To be enforceable, a deed must (1) state on its face that it is a deed, (2) accurately describe the property which is the subject matter of the deed, (3) be validly signed (executed) in presence of the prescribed number of witnesses, and (4) be handed over (delivered) to the grantee as a deed. Deeds may contain limitations or promises (covenants) which are enforceable even if unwarranted or not supported by a consideration. Some deeds (such as a deed of arrangement) serve as evidence of a pledge to carry out one or more specified actions, whereas others (such as a deed of protest) evidence that such actions have actually been carried out.

  2. Convey or transfer (property or rights) by legal deed.

  3. A legal document that is signed and delivered, especially one regarding the ownership of property or legal rights.

  4. An action that is performed intentionally or consciously.

Synonyms of Deed

Abalienate, Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Achievement, Act, Acta, Action, Adventure, Agreement, Alien, Alienate, Amortize, Aristeia, Arrangement, Assign, Bargain, Barter, Bequeath, Blow, Bold stroke, Bond, Cause, Cede, Charter, Compact, Confer, Consign, Contract, Contract by deed, Contract of record, Contract quasi, Convey, Conveyance, Coup, Covenant, Covenant of indemnity, Crusade, Dealings, Debenture, Debenture bond, Deed of trust, Deed over, Deed poll, Deliver, Demise, Devolve upon, Document, Doing, Doings, Effort, Endeavor, Enfeoff, Enterprise, Exchange, Exploit, Fait accompli, Feat, Formal contract, Gaining, Gest, Give, Give title to, Go, Group policy, Hand, Hand down, Hand on, Hand over, Handiwork, Heroic act, Implied contract, Indent, Indenture, Instrument, Insurance policy, Job, Make over, Maneuver, Measure, Mortgage deed, Move, Negotiate, Operation, Overt act, Pact, Parol contract, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Passage, Performance, Policy, Proceeding, Production, Promissory note, Quest, Recognizance, Remise, Res gestae, Sell, Settle, Settle on, Sign away, Sign over, Special contract, Specialty, Specialty contract, Step, Stroke, Stunt, Surrender, Thing, Thing done, Title deed, Tour de force, Trade, Transaction, Transfer, Transmit, Turn, Turn over, Undertaking, Winning, Work, Works, Act, Action, Activity, Legal document, Contract, Legal agreement, Indenture, Instrument, Transfer, Give the right of, Give the title of, Grant, Cede, Devolve, Lease

How to use Deed in a sentence?

  1. The deed to the land and house was signed over from the seller to the new owner of the property.
  2. Before the close of business Friday, a copy of the deed to the Smith Mansion needs to be in our possession, in order to accelerate the process of the inheritance disbursement.
  3. Doing good deeds.
  4. Often times people sign a multitude of papers when purchasing a home but they never even read the deed of trust.
  5. They deeded their property to their children.
  6. Mortgage deeds.

Meaning of Deed & Deed Definition

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Deed: What is the Meaning of Deed?

  1. A process is a signed legal document that gives the owner certain rights to an asset, provided it meets a number of conditions. They are often used to transfer property between a car or both parties.

    • An action is a signed legal document that transfers ownership and ownership of an asset to a new owner.
    • The process is a vehicle for transferring ownership, not ownership.
    • If this is not done, notarized and entered into a public file, it could be a court case.
    • The transfer of ownership can also be encoded in the full presentation of the document.

  2. Deed definition is: A sealed written agreement in which real estate is transferred from one party to another (transfer of ownership).

Meanings of Deed

  1. Assignment or transfer (of property or rights) by legal action.

  2. An act done intentionally or unintentionally.

  3. Signing and issuing legal documents, especially property documents or lawsuits.

Sentences of Deed

  1. They gave their property to their children

  2. Going well

  3. Mortgage letter


What is The Meaning of Deed?

Deed refers to An action is a signed legal action that gives its holder certain rights over it, provided it meets a series of conditions. They are often used to transfer car or land ownership between two parties.

  • A process is a signed legal process that transfers and owns a person's records to a new director.
  • Actions are the vehicle to move files, not the files themselves.
  • If not processed, notarized and not included in the general file, the process can be sued.
  • Transfer of ownership can be confusing, even with a fully offered process.

You can define Deed as, A sealed written agreement in which real property is transferred (assigned) from one party to another.

Meanings of Deed

  1. An act that is done intentionally or deliberately.

  2. Legal documents that are signed and issued, especially title documents or property rights.

  3. Moved or transferred due to lawsuits (property or rights)

Sentences of Deed

  1. He gave his property to his children.

Synonyms of Deed

attainment, deed of covenant, endeavour



A deed is a signed legal process that transfers ownership of a new offer to a new offer. Actions are often used to transfer property or vehicle ownership between two parties.

  • An action is a signed legal action that gives you control, but can set a number of conditions for file transfer.
  • This was not nonsense. This is a file transfer vehicle.
  • If the ■■■■ is not written, notarized and registered in the public registry, legal challenges and delays may arise.
  • There are three main types of action: concession, guarantee and waiver.

Deed can be defined as, A sealed written agreement in which real property is transferred from one party to another.

Meanings of Deed

  1. Legal documents that have been signed and issued, especially title documents or property rights.

  2. Transferred or transferred (property or rights) by legal act.