Deduplicated Reach

Deduplicated Reach

The number of unique households or individuals reached by the ad.

Literal Meanings of Deduplicated Reach


Meanings of Deduplicated:
  1. To eliminate unnecessary duplicate data.


Meanings of Reach:
  1. The act of stretching or extending the elongation.

  2. The ability to reach or touch a person, limb, or object being held or thrown.

  3. The power to extend or expand a similar action, influence, or authority to achieve or control a measure of power or ability.

  4. Scope Scope Scope The application therefore influences the scope of the results.

  5. An exaggeration is an extension of the obvious or, in general, a stretch.

  6. The distance a boxer can reach to deliver a punch.

  7. Any headwind when the wind is blowing from the side of the boat, other than headwind.

  8. The distance traveled between the ribs.

  9. The part of a watercourse that can be crossed in a segment (in the traditional sense). A body of water is a straight portion of a stream, river, or bay that extends from one bend to another in the ground. By extension, adjacent country.

  10. Shallow water, i.e. B. between rapids in a river or locks in a canal. (Examples?).

  11. A large portion or area of ​​land or water.

  12. Article for benefits.

  13. A strut or rod connecting the rear axle to the front cross member of a railcar.

  14. Trying to break the gag.

  15. Stretching, stretching, or moving (for example, of a limb or an object in the hand).

  16. To give someone by stretching out a member, especially the hand to give, with the hand to give to the other person to give.

  17. Give him a hand.

  18. Reach or receive by reaching out to reach a part of the body or something held for touching, hitting, grasping, etc.

  19. Hit or hit with a rocket.

  20. Therefore, the action, tension or influence extends to ■■■■■■■■■■■, piercing or cutting.

  21. Expand to expand to tap under the circle.

  22. It is difficult to come to (a place).

  23. To connect.

  24. Connect with (someone) on an emotional level, make them receptive to (someone), move on with (someone).

  25. Arrive at a specific destination.

  26. Live to a certain age.

  27. Understand to understand.

  28. Overcome to cheat.

  29. The desire to make an effort (sometimes in vain or in an authoritarian way).

  30. Constantly expanding in dimension, time, etc. (past, beyond, somewhere above, etc.).

  31. Sailing with the wind, like from one cult to another, or almost against the wind.

  32. The appearance of a gag reflex to .

Sentences of Reach
  1. The fruit is out of my reach.

  2. Call George eloquently, of course you can.

  3. He picked up the that was on the table.

  4. To get to the book.

  5. The was kept in a small box on a high shelf in the closet, but the boy managed to get to it by climbing over other boxes.

  6. His bullet hit the target.

  7. When the forest approaches the river, you can relax.

  8. Three years later, he was promoted to director.

  9. I've been trying to reach you all day.

  10. What do I need to achieve this?.

  11. You only have access to the inheritance money after your 25th birthday.

  12. Reach the stars!.

Synonyms of Reach

contact, get hold of, get in touch

Deduplicated Reach