Deductible Plan

Deductible Plan,

Deductible Plan Definition:

  1. Price plans for civil liability or industrial accident insurance up to which the insured maintains any claim up to the amount deducted and in which the insurer is liable to pay the insurance claims in case of failure to pay. Insurers are also responsible for handling claims. This is also known as franchise policy on archives.

  2. Deductible Plan means: For employee compensation, an insurance form filled with government regulators in which employers who meet certain criteria of power or financial measures allow each claim to hold certain claims. The insurer is responsible for paying the claims in case of default by the insurer. This is also known as franchise policy on archives.

Literal Meanings of Deductible Plan


Meanings of Deductible:
  1. This can be deducted primarily from taxable profits or taxable taxes.

  2. (In insurance policy) A certain amount that must be paid by the insured before the claim is settled by the insurer.

Sentences of Deductible
  1. Daycare vouchers are deductible for employers.


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