Deductible Clauses

Deductible Clauses,

What is Deductible Clauses?

  • You can define Deductible Clauses as, The clause stipulates that the insured pays the first loss provided in this clause, after which the insurer pays the rest of the insurance offered.

Literal Meanings of Deductible Clauses


Meanings of Deductible:
  1. It is basically a deduction from taxable income or payable tax.

  2. (In the insurance policy) The policyholder has to pay before the insurance company pays the claim.

Sentences of Deductible
  1. Taxable amount increases future taxable income, while deductible amount decreases future taxable income.

  2. Don't forget about taxes, as all rental income is taxed at the highest rate on the following deductible expenses.

  3. The interest you pay on a mortgage is recognized as expenses incurred from rental income.

  4. Instead, the employer may see this amount as a regular deduction for business expenses.

  5. When buying a home, pay close attention to your mortgage costs and interest rates.

  6. As of January 1, 2002, this interest subsidy is a value derived from rental income from residential buildings.

  7. Under the general rule, under this method, oil or gas production facilities deduct 15% of taxpayers' total income each tax year.

  8. "Whether you're looking for a job or starting a new job, be careful to save all deductions," says Ruth.

  9. But the company deducts because the income is calculated as employee compensation, deductible expenses.