Dedicatória De Livro

Dedicatória De Livro

Where do I write Waqf?

On the first PA, what used to be great, pea man, receives, I'm opening the helmet, you can see with your dedication.

It doesn't have the right size, sincere words for even an hour.

(But don't write book in book!)

After the first layer is in the sink ... it doesn't have to be big.

You can be ...

Buy this book for you and it will help a lot and you will put it to good use.

You just write later and fold the data!

Be made on the basis of book blades .. from 1. or silk.

I wanted to talk about a reasonable, straightforward and concise summary of the book for this person.

Many people face cards such as: € / to friend (o) with Much Carin. Maybe this book or something like that: I dedicate this book with passion and prove that it can make a big difference to us from problems / days / college / work / knowledge.


Especially cooperated.


Dedicatória De Livro