Definition of Decrement:

  1. A reduction or diminution.

  2. Cause a discrete reduction in (a numerical quantity).

  3. Amount by which a quantity decreases.

Synonyms of Decrement

Abatement, Ablation, Abridgment, Alleviation, Attenuation, Attrition, Consumption, Contraction, Corrosion, Curtailment, Cut, Cutting, Dampening, Damping, Decrease, Decrescence, Deduction, Deflation, Deliquescence, Depletion, Depreciation, Depression, Derogation, Detraction, Diminishment, Diminution, Dip, Disparagement, Dissipation, Dissolution, Drain, Dying, Dying off, Erosion, Evaporation, Exhaustion, Expenditure, Extenuation, Extraction, Fade-out, Impairment, Impoverishment, Languishment, Leakage, Lessening, Letup, Loss, Lowering, Miniaturization, Minus, Mitigation, Reduction, Relaxation, Remission, Retraction, Retrenchment, Sagging, Scaling down, Shortening, Shrinkage, Simplicity, Subtraction, Truncation, Using, Using up, Wastage, Waste, Weakening, Wear and tear, Wearing, Wearing away

How to use Decrement in a sentence?

  1. The instruction decrements the accumulator by one.
  2. Relaxation produces a decrement in sympathetic nervous activity.

Meaning of Decrement & Decrement Definition